7 Features Of A Car Navigation System

by Fredrick Rogers

In this era, you hardly find yourself studying a map or asking strangers for directions. This is because of the advancements in technology that led to the introduction of car navigation systems and other features. Various car brands like Audi come with in-built navigation systems. The Audi navigation system has evolved over the years from a GPS to an infotainment system. These systems are easy to use and help drivers get from one point to another. In this post, we look at the features of a car navigation system.

Features of a Car Navigation System

The navigation system features make driving safe, easy, and efficient. The main features include;

1. Turn by Turn Directions

This feature provides visual data that is displayed on the car screen accompanied by voice instructions. It may not be enjoyable to keep hearing a voice notifying you of every turn you make, but it guides your movement and help you focus on the road. The voice from the system includes the direction to take or turn to, distance to be covered, and various street names. Some also notify you of traffic jams, roadblocks, or accidents and suggest an alternative route for you.

2. Route Panning and Waypoints

A navigation system does several things, and planning a route is one of them. For the system to know where you are headed, you have to enter your desired location. With this information, it can offer alternative routes that are faster, cheaper, and convenient. The navigation system notifies you when you deviate from the main route and helps you stay on the right lane on the highway. Every movement you make forms your trip history, and you can choose to follow it or reset the system.

3. Offline Maps

Most navigation systems rely on a cell connection; however, offline maps come in handy in places with poor reception. The maps use the GPS tracker to show the position of your car and where you are headed but don’t give traffic reports.

Some additional car navigation system features are;

4. Noise Cancellation

It is found in advanced systems where your voice can still be heard clearly. Depending on your location and surroundings, like in a music-filled parking lot, kids playing outside, a baby crying at the back of the car, the system can pick up your voice and direct you well.

5. In-built Dashcams

They come with the car and are found in fixed navigation systems. The cameras work throughout, capturing everything on the road. They provide evidence in court if there was an accident or anything wrong on the road.

6. Driving Assistance

It alerts you when you drive too close to another vehicle or when you leave your lane and need to get back. It specifies your right lane enabling you to stay on track.

7. Language and Landmarks

The system uses natural language in the apps and customer support. Advanced systems include landmarks in their instruction, making it more straightforward for drivers, increasing the reaction time.


Car navigation systems do more than the showing of direction and are a driver’s greatest friend. The integrated features are astonishing, and the benefits thus you might want to consider having it in your car.

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