The art of cleaning the interior of your car

by Fredrick Rogers

The best method is to start off with the floor mats of your car although the temptation may run high to make you clean car tires first. You must block the temptation and go for the mats because tires are the dirtiest and they must cleaned last. Take off the mats from the car and shake them to let loose the dirt. It is a good idea to wrap a piece of cloth around your mouth and nose so that you don’t inhale pieces of dust and get yourself sick.

Brush the mats

The ideal scenario is that you take a brush and loosen the grime from the mats. Use a vacuum cleaner now to clean off the remaining pieces of dirt and dust. Once the mats appear to be free of dirt, you can wash them with a powerful water jet. If you don’t have the water jet, you can use a garden hose instead. You ought to allow the mats to air-dry. If you are washing the mats with the help of a detergent, you ought to make sure that the detergent doesn’t remain inside the mats after cleaning. Evacuate it with the help of water jet because slippery mats will be unsafe for driving.

Vacuum or steam the carpets

Carpets, just like mats, should be cleaned with brushes. You can use different vacuum cleaner attachments to clean off the nooks and small crevices between the seats. The best method to wash the carpets is to use steam machines. If you don’t have the machine, you can use the cleaning products that are available in the market. However, make sure that you are buying from the best distributer in the market.

Clean the seats well

Seats are made of different materials. If your car has leather seats, cleaning them can be difficult because dirt sticks into the leather material. If you don’t clean them for a while, grime and dirt will be embedded into the seats. However, there are plenty of leather cleaning products in the market, which you can use to clean the seats.

You can use a compound to spray the seats by rubbing a towel on the seats. When you are using a towel, you need to make sure that you flip it more often so that you clean the seats from the cleaner side of the towel. Once you have cleaned with a towel, you can use a microfiber cloth to shine the seats.

Cleaning up the vinyl seat is easy and quick. There are many products in the market that work fine. You need to read the label of the products to make out what product should be used for vinyl. You need to make sure that you don’t vinyl cleaner on any other surface of the car, as it will damage the surface. Once you have cleaned the vinyl seats with the cleaner, you can use a dry cloth to wipe the seats. Vinyl seats dry faster. You can after one or two hours of cleaning.

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