Why you Should Upgrade Your BMW Android Screen Display

by Fredrick Rogers
Android Screen Display

 If you happen to own a BMW equipped with navigation, to be in a position to get the most of the system, then you need to upgrade and update the map regularly. This is because the roads often change from time to time, and as the newly built roads, the network continues to change rapidly.

This is up to an average of about 50 percent annually. Following that fact, BMW is always devoted to updating its map data and incorporate over 100,000 miles of actual new roads to the maps every year.

The management utilizes a real-world time frame to offer and receive feedback from customers of the broad network coverage. The navigation system is relatively powerful, aside from being accurate. To keep up with the data on your phone, you need to dive into your BMW android screen upgrade.

But what is the damage (cost)?

Different countries have different costs depending on the series of BMW. All too often, a free update of the national map is readily available at the dealer’s retail shop. After the three years, if you happen to be in need of a second national device, the cost will be updated to $150.

You can always reach out to these professionals to check their actual costs in detail. It is essential to note that there are various methods for updating the BMW navigation system. It all depends on whether or not you have a CIC or NBT, among other systems. In many cases, besides the USB stick, you will discover that there is a need to present your FSC code if you are to update the vehicle.

The update process can take up to 40 minutes or one hour. If you need programming, you may also require additional labor charges. This is often based on the software status of your vehicle. You can put aside a budget for this service.

How often should the maps be updated?

Annually, BMW releases about three new revolutionary versions of vehicles. The team of professionals serving at the firm, therefore, recommends a map update every six months. It could also be done annually. The frequency with which the company releases new brands depends on the head unit and the country.

To have an update of the map data is a primary way to navigate services. But in this era, you need to have additional options. So, why don’t you just change the original display to one aftermarket altogether?

Final Thoughts

 Just as android car navigation, the BMW android screen can be installed with various map types, including Sygic, Google maps, and Yandex, to mention a few. With the variety available on the market, it becomes easier for you to decide whether to upgrade your BMW’s maps or not.

Our verdict?

Yes, it is perfectly okay to upgrade your vehicle’s map data coupled with the screen. To attain this, you need to work closely with a professional. You should also conduct extensive research on the same. That way, it becomes possible for you to navigate.

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